Our Mission and Philosophy

NorthPark was founded in 1964. The School is sponsored and encouraged by the congregation of NorthPark Presbyterian Church as an integral part of their service to the community. The school is financially self-supporting and serves boys and girls 18 months through Interim Kindergarten.

NorthPark Presbyterian Day School strives to provide young children opportunities to grow physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and to develop a sense of self-worth within the context of the Christian faith. Because we believe that Christ is the center of our lives, our curriculum includes Christian nurture. Because we believe that all children are part of God’s family, we enroll children and employ teachers of any race, color, or national origin

Our Staff

The staff of North Park Presbyterian Day School treats children with love and respect and with the knowledge of child development that helps enrich each child’s day. Our teachers attend annual training in Child Development, monthly teachers meetings, and additional curriculum planning and evaluation sessions. Most of our teachers have degrees in Early Childhood, Child Development, or Elementary Education. All of the teachers have many years of childcare experience.